August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month!


August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month!

Children With Hair Loss (CWHL) is a non profit organization with a mission to help children by providing them with human hair replacements and care kits, FREE OF CHARGE. CWHL relies only on fundraising, donations, grants, and sponsorships to fund the cost of manufacturing each human hair replacement.

Please consider hosting a paper “Heart Sale” at your salon for the month of August. CWHL can provide you with a pad of the hearts and you simply let your clients fill in their name and monetary support. You can display them around your reception area or salon stations and at the end of the month the donations should be sent to CWHL.

Please visit for more information!


Single Drawn Hair & Double Drawn Hair

The first time I ever had Di Biase fusion hair extensions applied to my hair, I had the double drawn 5 Star Hair installed. I was so excited! My hair was so thick and full. I felt like a movie star. Not only did it add length, but my hair had so much volume to it. We went with the 50 cm hair and it looked so long and thick. I loved the way my hair looked!

The 2nd time I had had Di Biase fusion hair extensions, I had the 50 cm standard single drawn hair installed. The hair felt lighter lighter on my scalp. I barely could feel I had extensions installed-they felt so natural. I loved the way they made my hair look! It added length and thickness while feeling so light on my scalp. The ends naturally tapered so it blended into my hair very well.

I have had many different types of extensions in my hair including weft, micro link, double drawn fusion, single drawn fusion, and clip ins. Each has its differences. Out of all the methods of application, I like the fusion the best because when applied correctly it doesn’t damage your hair at all. I also love how you can style your hair in many different ways without the bonds showing. Up-dos, down-dos, pony tails all can be achieved.

I have to say that I like the single drawn standard fusion and the 5 star double drawn hair equally. The standard hair is more comfortable and the stylist doesn’t have to do as much hair cutting/blending work after applying them. With the double drawn hair, I loved how thick and full my hair looked. When the stylist applied them, she had to texturize it a lot to get it to blend into my hair, but when she finished it looked amazing.

Both types are high quality 100% Remy Indian hair of the best quality. The 5 star hair is perfect when a more glamorous, thicker look is desired. The standard hair is perfect for people with thin/fine when natural length and thickness is desired.


Bachelor Star and Blogger “AshLee Frazier” Reviews Di Biase Hair Extensions USA

Check out Bachelor star and Blogger AshLee Frazier wearing Di Biase Hair Extensions USA. Her hair looks gorgeous!

“I am sending out a huge thank you to Di Biase Hair Extensions for helping me get back to being me. If any of you are looking to get hair extensions, I highly recommend using Di Biase. You’ve seen them on me before during Bachelor in Paradise. They hold up well, feel great and can withstand the summer season. It goes without saying, they look incredible. I am extremely happy and thank you to every one of you that have complimented my new look.”

-AshLee Frazier-

You can read more about AshLee at

Hair extensions by Eric Vaughn of Houston TX

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Tips on How to Make Curls Last


1. Start fresh with your hair. If the hair has a lot of build up on it, it can look dull and weigh down the hair. This makes it difficult for the hair to hold a curl and for styling products to work correctly. Use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of unwanted build up such as minerals and chlorine from water and waxes from styling products. Sunday Shampoo by Bumble & Bumble is great. Clarify about once a week or every other week.

2. Apply a heat protectant to the hair. On wet hair-  use Di Biase Detangler and/or Di Biase Smoothing Serum  (Di Biase products are safe for hair extensions, but don’t apply directly to the bonds). If you don’t have hair extensions, Keristase Nectar Thermique is a great choice. Apply from mid-shaft to ends.  For extra hold and volume, apply Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mousse to hair from roots to ends.

3. When the hair is completely dry, section the hair into 3 or more sections. (It is important to make sure the hair is dry to prevent damage to the hair and to make sure the style will last). Apply a thermal heat protectant spray to the hair, layer by layer. Try Redken Iron Silk. It provides up to 450 degree protection and also has holding power.

4. Set the Curling iron to the correct temperature. Usually, curling irons can go up to 450 degrees but that may be too hot for most hair types. For long, thick, and course hair, set the temperature to 300-400 degrees. For normal to thin hair, set the temperature to 250-300 degrees.

5. Starting at the bottom/back section, apply a fine mist hair spray to each section of the hair (Oribe Superfine hairspray is amazing). Curl the hair in 1-2 inch sections depending on the hair’s thickness.

There are many different curls that can be created from an iron .

  • For curls at the ends of the hair- Start at the bottom of the hair and roll upwards towards the root overlapping the hair on the iron. This overlapping of the curl allows the heat to be mostly distributed at the ends of the hair resulting in curled ends.
  • For curls that are uniform- Place the iron at the mid shaft of the hair and roll upwards toward the scalp while gently opening the barrel and pulling the ends of the hair into the iron. This will distribute the heat to the hair evenly resulting in a uniform curl from top to bottom.
  • For natural looking waves– simply wrap a section of the hair around the barrel of the iron (or curling wand) from top to bottom and hold for 5-10 seconds.

6. Finish with a hair spray. If you are going to be in a humid environment, spray an anti humidity spray such as Sexy Hair’s Weather Proof. Make sure to not touch the curls for at least 20 minutes. This is important for the hair to cool down for 20 minutes to make sure the curls will last all day.


Join Us in Portland Maine and Become a Certified Hair Extensionist!


Due to the overwhelming success of our recent 2-day hair extension certification class, Di Biase is back in Maine to help you…

New Season, New You

Our business is to offer clients a new and exciting change that works with every season!  Summer, Fall and Winter give us an opportunity to create new ways to change our looks and a new style for ourselves and clients.  Hair extensions provide a way to make that happen.  The changes and evolution of the hair extension field can’t be ignored.  This specialized field is here to stay! It has given rise to the stylist ability to boost client self-esteem, create something new and beautiful and make moneywhile doing so.  Sounds like a Win-Win doesn’t it?

Join us in the “Extended Revolution”.  Call today for more information on this exciting 2-day certification class!

Call Randy Hegstrom at 207-478-4930 or the Carabito Corporation office at 207-548-1103 for more information

Stylist Speak Out…

“The intensity and the quality of the education was well worth the money! I plan on getting my staff certified.”…Desiree Bailey (owner of Possibilities Salon)

“Officially certified in the art of hair extensions! Inspiring weekend of education with two extremely talented and knowledgeable educators!”…Tracy Eaton (owner of Hairbenders Salon)

“Such a fun two days! Officially. Certified. Thank you Vicki Parman and Toma Rhodes for a great class!”…Caitlin Maddan (VP of Education, Carabito Corporation)

That’s Not All…

 Hair extensions can not only change the look of someone’s hair but it can give confidence back to those with hair loss. Through the trials and tribulations of hair loss, not only is a woman’s outward appearance affected, but her confidence and emotional stability are rocked to the core. You can be a part of making her feel feminine and beautiful again! Who wouldn’t want to be part of that kind of change.

Mark Your Calendar

When:  March 29th-30th, 2015

Where: Salon 658

658 Congress Street-Portland, ME.  04101

Time:  9:00 AM-5:00 PM on both days

Call Randy Hegstrom at 207-478-4930 or the Carabito Corporation office at 207-548-1103 for more information